Existing Beyond

    We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience

    About Mica

    About Mica ... 

    Let me introduce myself  . . .  

    I consider myself an  Explorer of Life
    And an 
    Ambassador to the Afterlife

    In this life I am a Dutch woman, who has felt that life continues on after we leave this physical existence from the time when she was a child - through a certain 'inner knowing'.  Ever since I can remember I have asked myself

    questions about the meaning of Life and why it operates the way it does.  

    I have never been able to see the logic behind the notion that no other life exists outside our planet Earth. That we would be the only ones .. 

    I have always ‘known’ that everything has two sides and that therefore a balance can be achieved only when both sides are taken into consideration .... acknowledged. 

    Through consciously starting to Explore Life I have had confirmed again and again that which I already felt to be the case since I was a young girl; namely, that all aspects of Life are subject to the same underlying bases.

    Some of which are :

    -        Universal Laws
    -         Sacred Geometry
    -         Explosion / Implosion
    -         Magnetism (attraction/repulsion)

    -         Yin/Yang ..

    I feel that my rational side and 'birds-eye-view' help me in my approach to this exploration.  They help me to recognize, and differentiate between, the many different pieces of the puzzle of Life in an objective way.  And therefore enable me to recognise the structure which lies behind this – seemingly chaotic – Existence.
    These traits, together with my sensitive nature, offer me a 'yin/yang' approach to things, as it were. :-} 

    I lived in various different countries around the world upto the age of 18; a life-style which offered a learning-school in enhancing various usefull and valuable qualities which - besides giving me a broader perspective on life - I view as a preparation for the metaphysical venture which I became more actively, consciously,  involved with later in my life; a venture I feel I was meant to take on in this life-time and which was triggered by a personal experience which had enormous impact on me.

    Several years before, my sister gave me a leaflet with some information about Out of Body Experiences. It had intrigued me, and now this method of becoming aware of the extra-physical levels again crossed my path, through searching the internet about extra-physical matters. Immediately I knew that this is what I wanted to learn about; mastering going out of body so that I could experience what it was like 'there'  first-hand, at a conscious level. :-}

    The Venture began. 

    I soon found out that a certain organisation, namely the International Academy of Consciousness (the 'I.A.C.') , a.o. offered workshops in The Netherlands ('coincidentally' not far from where I live), about Consciousness and all kinds of metaphysical issues, including learning about Out of Body Experiences (so called 'projections') and training yourself how to be able to achieve this 'state' and experience at the extra-physical level with full awareness.
    I applied for this course and what I learnt through it, together with a wide range of information obtained from books and through the internet, started a very valuable, challenging and interesting ball rolling for me with regard to my so-called spiritual evolution, leading me to many extra-physical experiences, a heightened sense of awareness, and insights which have altered and broadened my perception of this life and of Life itself.

    The first conscious O.B.E. (Out of Body Experience) I had occurred one night in the second weekend I participated in the the Consciousness/OBE course, in 2002. This fully conscious O.B.E. immediately brought me the certainty that life extends Beyond the physical life we are leading 'here'.

    The true realisation of the fact that we are So much more then hit me. And different insights regarding this followed, and are continuing to manifest within me.

    For one I have, since this first fully conscious O.B.E., had confirmed again and again through many conscious extra-physical experiences while physically asleep, that we are not dependant on our physical senses to perceive things. That, besides being able to clearly see, one is able to experience touch, smell, sound, temperature, colour, talking (both out loud and 'telepathically') and even singing , at the extra-physical level.
    As I became more aware, I also became more able to see that things which could be considered 'coincidences' are in fact not.

    I wish to share these, and other insights with people who have arrived at a point of being open to discovering that there is Much more to Life than meets the physical eye,  and who are open to acquiring the true realisation that Life continues on after we leave this physical existence. 

    Together with you I hope to contribute to an overall increase in empathy, understanding and respect, towards ourselves, each other, and Life on the whole.

    Let us help in uniting Heaven and Earth.

    The ultimate goal:  Oneness. 

    I have every confidence that it can be done. 

    There are Plenty of Good vibrations out there to go around ! :-} 

    Thanx for 'listening'. :-}

                     M i c a

    I walk the crack between Worlds