Existing Beyond

    We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience

    Existing Beyond

    The sky is NOT the limit

    We are multi-dimensional beings

    We live on after we leave this physical life

                Existing Beyond . . . .  

    We are all on a journey of consciousness.

    The more aware we become, the more of what Life truly entails will become visible to us.

    Because the physical world we experience is but a tiny frequency-range, within an infinite energy-field of infinite frequency-ranges

     many facets of Life which have always been

    have been invisible to most of us for a long time

    but we have entered a time of awakening,

    a time in which our consciousness is hightened

    and we can again start to see, become aware

    that there is actually So much more !

    Upto the point that we realise that

    we are not human beings having a spiritual experience,

    but actually spiritual beings having a human experience.

    Everyone lives on, after physical death
    But someone becomes aware of this state of immortality
    only when he has reached a certain level of consciousness
    due to which he experiences the continuation of consciousness
    Because then there is no more interruption in consciousness,
    due to being un-conscious.


    We have slept for a long time 

    Let's all now fully wake up.  :-}

    CONSCIOUSNESS is the key. 

    Iedereen leeft voort, na de fysieke dood

    Maar iemand wordt zich deze staat van onsterfelijkheid pas gewaar
    wanneer hij een bepaald bewustzijnsniveau heeft bereikt

    waardoor hij de continuering van bewustzijn ervaart
    Want dan is er geen onderbreking meer in bewustzijn,
    door onbewust zijn.


    In feite hebben we lange tijd geslapen 

    Laten we nu allemaal compleet wakker worden.  :-} 

    BEWUSTZIJN is de sleutel.

    I walk the crack between Worlds