Existing Beyond

    We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience

    Energy, continued

    Everything that is physically visible is made up of, and created from, energy.


    Only, that which we can see with our physical eyes consists of denser (more compact) energy than what we are not able to see in this way. The DENSITY of the energy is such that it is visible to the physical eye. 

    This doesn't mean that what we cannot see physically is not there ...

    But what is of influence in what we are able to see is the energy density.

    The energy we are not able to physically see is lighter.
    As we ourselves also consist of heavier energy and at this level view things through physical senses, we can not detect these lighter energies at this level. 

    You could say that we are on the same 'wave-length' with everything that consists of the same, heavier (more compact/dense) energy and that is what we are able to see. 

    If we were made up of energy comprising of a lower degree of density, we should be capable of seeing things which also consist of a lower degree of density.

    We are then able to see energy not visible to the physical eye, because we ourselves consist of energy with a lower density.

    This is in fact the case !

    Our physical body, logically including our physical senses, is made up of more compact, heavier energy.
    But our consciousness also consists of energy ... energy of such a light consistency that it is not physically visible. 

    Through our consciousness, independantly from our physical body, we are able to see things, which - when experienced by means of our 'physical being' (whereby we are subject to 'gravitation') - are not visible to us.

    It is then possible to pick up on things made up of lighter,
    more subtle energy.

    I walk the crack between Worlds