Existing Beyond

We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience

Ambassadors to Existence Beyond

. Ambassadors to Existence Beyond .


It makes no sense whatsoever that the human race in general accepts that contact with people,

when they pass away and leave this plane of existence, can no longer be experienced.

That the ones who are left behind can't be in touch with them anymore.
That we just accept this Needs to finally stop. Simply because it is nonsense!

It is a conviction. We have all been brain-washed, through upbringing, accepted norms within
our society and the restrictions of main-stream science, into believing that this is not possible,
not allowed, not good/right, crazy. 

This devide needs to be undone. High time for it.

The Ambassadors of Existence Beyond are all about realising this.

Going far Beyond considering the reality of life continuing after physical death as just a possibility,
the Ambassadors are dedicated to focusing on being in direct contact with people who have
left this physical plane, and to sharing and further increasing their experiences of direct contact and
acquired insights.

In the interest of letting Oneness between this and the other planes of existence finally Manifest.


the Ambassadors to Existence Beyond