Existing Beyond

    We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience


    Has someone you love passed away? 

    I am so very sorry for your loss !

    Through experiences and acquired insights I have learnt that when someone passes away, he/she lives on, at another level of existence. 

    Here are links to two - related - sites set up for people who have lost a loved one,
    which center around the view that life continues after we physicaly die.

    The sites offer you the opportunity to talk about your loss, within a very sympathetic, caring environment.
    And by way of different forums there is also possibility for contact and discussion about Life beyond this physical life.

    David Pierce created the' Friends along the Road' and  ' Lilli Pierce and the Big Trip'

    web-sites after the loss of his daughter, Lilli Pierce.

    "A safe place to mourn loved ones and to share feelings on death, grief, and life."

    Welcomes you "
    to a gathering place inspired by Lilli, our wonderful daughter and finest friend."
    Discussion forums regarding life, death, afterlife, grief, love, friendship, spirituality, and more. 

    Like me, David is an  "Ambassador to the AfterLife".

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    Other Links :

    I walk the crack between Worlds