OBE Accounts Mica

Accounts of some of my Conscious Out of Body Experiences

My First fully conscious Out of Body Experience 

(Second weekend of my participation in the Consciousness/OBE course, 2002.

This fully conscious O.B.E. immediately brought me the certainty that life extends Beyond the physical life we are leading 'here'.

-I became aware (I woke up) while physically asleep and got the full realisation that I was 'out of body' . . .  

that is ..... 

I became aware of sliding out of my bed in the direction of the floor, leaving me hovering just above the floor. 

I started becoming more aware as I moved some way across the floor around my bed, trying to orientate myself and understand what was happening. And suddenly I realised - because I was fully conscious and because I could see and hear this - that I was a ball of energy, vibrating rhythmically throughout, like a ' buzzing bumble-bee ', hovering just above the floor close to my bed. 

It was an Amazing experience.  

And then I knew. And I have never doubted since, that we are More than physical beings. That our consciousness lives Beyond the physical, AND that therefore, when we 'die', it is only the physical part of us that ceases to be

...... WE DO LIVE ON.

During this very first conscious O.B.E. I was able to see the area surrounding me from the perspective of where I was, (which was at floor level) extra-physically. This meant I was not using my physical eyes, and so did not need my physical eyes to see. I was also able to feel my 'being' (which at that time was a ball of vibrating energy), and hear my energy vibrating, from within.

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