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- the Vibrational State, continued
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- the Vibrational State, continued



Conditions needed to achieve this state; Total Relaxation

One thing which is very important with any technique you try, is being in a relaxed state and maintaining this. However, this can be quite difficult. On the one hand you are trying to relax, and on the other hand you have to concentrate on what you are doing and experiencing. It is a balancing-act which, in itself, takes practice and time to improve on. But being totally relaxed is a basic necessity. (If you have problems relaxing, then it may be useful to read about ways to be able to do this. There is a lot written on this in many books and on many sites.)

I can suggest the following on this, based on how I do it : 

- First of all, while lying on your back, relax your whole body, bit by bit, starting from your toes and ending at your head (or the other way around). Focus on every part of your body in relaxing each part until your whole body is totally relaxed.

- Second: Try to think of nothing. This is very hard to do and something which you cannot force too much. I find this quite difficult (as do many other people).

- Most probably, all kinds of different thoughts first come racing through your head instead, one after the other. Let this take its course. It's alright. But let these thoughts just come as they come and start to focus your attention on the space/emptiness behind these random thoughts.

- Whenever the random thoughts become too clear in your mind again and you realise that you are once more actively "participating" in these thoughts, consciously move away from them again by focussing on the space/emptiness behind them. (you are not avoiding these thoughts, you are only pushing them to the back, and thereby letting them "lead their own life" while you bring the feeling of space/emptiness to the front of your attention).

- Whatever you feel, let it go (go with the flow). It is important not to force things. If you cannot clear your mind, then let the thoughts come. But the clue is in letting these thoughts come naturally, without intervention by you. You are not a part of these thoughts (you distance yourself from them).


What it comes down to is, that this process has a certain "wave" movement. During the process, as you start to relax more and more, both the random thoughts and tension/concentration may increase every now and again, and return to the front of your awareness. You have to be aware of these moments, so that you can consciously move these things to the back of your awareness again. It's a matter of shifting your focus from one aspect of the process (for example an increase in tension/concentration) to the other (relaxing again). As this process goes on, you become more and more relaxed, and this increases your ability to slip into another state of awareness. On various occasions I could feel exactly when this shift in awareness took place. I could actually clearly feel this shift, from one moment to the next. It was a strange experience but a good one to have. Because I then realised that this shift actually happens. It made it very tangible. You can read everything other "astral travellers" have to say about shifts in awareness, different focus-levels, etc... But when you experience this yourself, in such a clear way, then you know that it is a reality.


What I pay attention to when trying to become more and more relaxed is that the area of my forehead is completely relaxed (my eyes and my brow-area). This is a part of my body which easily tenses-up. I notice that when I try to relax totally and  try to do the vibrational state my eyes and brow start to tense up when I get too concentrated. For me this is a good sign that I am not totally relaxed anymore. I focus on my forehead/eyes and consciously relax this area. That brings me back to a complete state of relaxation. I usually need to do this several times during the relaxation process but that's O.K. Each time I am again totally relaxed after this I am one step further towards where I want to go.  


As for the Vibrational State ...

As I said with regard to relaxing, try and accept whatever you feel and/or hear. Go with it and see it as part of the experience. Try not to be frightened or look ahead, to what might happen next, but experience it with a sense of wonder.  It can be frightening if you hear your heart starting to pound or if you hear/feel any other things which are not classed as "normal". This fear can cause you to stop the experience. You can experience all kinds of different feelings/sounds/noises while you are doing certain techniques and before/during/after an OBE. You might get anxious when you experience something that you don't recognize and understand. And because you don't know what next to expect. This is why it is important to be in a positive state of mind, and to not expect anything (again: go with the flow). Only you yourself can overcome any fears/anxiety you may feel, through understanding, practice, time and experiences.

By practicing with the vibrational state as much as you can, especially with the intention of having an OBE, the chances of having an OBE will increase.
What you are doing is "loosening" your energetic body, so to speak; ’mobilising’ your energies. And at the same time you are creating a bigger awareness of the presence of your energies, and of your possibilities through this "energy body".
When you feel your body is completely relaxed you start doing the vibrational state. This consists of three steps (and involves visualisation):

1/ Absorption of energies: You are always surrounded by energy ("environmental energy"). Become aware of this energy, use visualisation – visualise the presence of this energy - and bring it towards you. Attract this energy towards every point of your body. Do this in flowing, rhythmic motions (so with moments in between gathering up this energy towards you) and gradually increase the speed at which you do this. Keep doing this for a time.
(When you have done this several times you will probably need less time to become aware of this motion of energies towards you.)

2/ Flowing of energy through your body: Now that your body has "collected" surrounding (environmental) energy, start focussing on letting the energy inside you flow through your body; from your head to your toes and visa versa (up and down). Slowly at first, feeling this energy-flow more and more, and gradually speeding up this up-and-down flow through all parts of your body. Continue doing this for a while.

3/ Exteriorising energies: This is exactly the opposite to step 1; instead of attracting energies towards you, you eminate this energy (the energy inside you) outward, from every part of your body to the surrounding area, also in waving motions and gradually speeding up this process until it's a continuous wave of energies, which are flowing away from every part of your body. (Ps: This is also a technique which can be used as a kind of "protection" technique, because you can create a kind of protective energy-shield around your body.)

When you feel that you are not totally relaxed anymore (perhaps tensing some part/muscle of your body) when doing the vibrational-state technique, take the time to become completely relaxed again and then continue on with this exercise.
If you don't actually feel the energy-movement, that's alright. If you do start to feel it, that's even better, although it is definately not compulsary. When working towards the vibrational state, one time you may feel the energy-waves faster and more clearly than the next time. I do feel that the more you do this exercise the better and more naturally it will be achieved.

These energy exercises can bring about the Vibrational State, and - in turn - conscious Out of Body Experiences.
It requires a relaxed state, a sense of faith that you Can do it - that it Does have effect even though you don't physically Feel anything happening, possibly a period of regularly repeating these exercises (this can be for just a few minutes at one time, if need be), and some patience. :-}

The Vibrational State has multiple advantages

The vibrational state is not only useful in bringing about OBE's. There is more than one advantage attached to being able to do this technique. One other advantage is that you can become able to detect, and clear up certain energy-blockages which may be present in parts of your body through letting the energies flow through your body. Becoming (more) aware of both your own and the environmental energies can be beneficial to you.
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