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Spec's - ESP - Hypnagogic State

> E.S.P. (Extra-Sensory Perception) 





The hypnagogic state is the state of mind you are in when you are between being awake and being asleep. It is the period before you have actually fallen asleep … when you are ‘dozing off’.

In this period you are already more open to the ‘extra-physical’, because your consciousness has already shifted somewhat; your awareness of this (physical) level is shifting more and more to the background, making other levels more available to you. But you can still be quite conscious during this time.


Because of this you can use the hypnagogic state as a ‘tool’ in experiencing your

'dreams' with a higher level of consciousness!

You do this by maintaining the level of consciousness you have at that time while you fall asleep. By being aware of this state when you are in it, you can prolong the ‘mind awake, body asleep’ mode so that when you have actually fallen asleep, you are still in this mode – you are still conscious to some degree.

How do you do this? By recognizing that you are in the hypnagogic state, and by

maintaining the level of consciousness you have while your body falls asleep


(‘mind awake, body asleep’)


The hypnagogic state is a state in which you can already experience certain ‘super-natural’ things, because you are somewhat open to astral perception through a shift/broadening of your awareness at that time.

The hypnagogic state therefore has a double function;

1.      It can help you to experience at a more conscious level when asleep;

2.      It can already provide you with certain experiences/insights of an

         extra-physical nature.


PS:  I like to refer to the hypnagogic state by the term the ‘twilight zone’.

I feel that ‘the twilight zone’ is a very good description of the state you are in when you are between wake and sleep, and I like the term.





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