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Increased Awareness during Sleep
Uittredingen, vervolg
Bewustwording tijdens Slaap
Increased Awareness during Sleep

Increase in Awareness during Sleep

  ... increasing your level of consciousness during sleep


When you can train yourself to become more conscious during your dreams, you will start experiencing your dreams
as more real, due to this increase in your level of consciousness at the time when you’re asleep.

Through this you start realising more and more that what you used to experience as 'dreams' is in actual fact as real
as the experiences you have in your awake-state. This is a very important realisation, and one which will also bring you
closer to, and can provide you with, more insights about the other (extra-physical) dimensions. Through training to heighten your level of awareness during sleep, by way of certain methods,
you will be able to start experiencing (more) dreams at a more lucid level.

(The so-called 'Lucid dream' - you have some awareness of the fact that you are dreaming.)


When you are (somewhat) aware that you are dreaming, this can give you some control, control which you can use to
heighten your level
of consciousness even further.  

And so the ball of increasing your awareness, and of learning about the ‘extra-physical planes’, has started rolling.


Through your ability to be(come) more aware when asleep you can start to experience more and more consciously,
upto experiencing 'dreams' at a fully  conscious level.

You can start to have conscious Out of Body Experiences (O.B.E.'s). 


There are various different things you can do to heigthen your level of awareness during sleep.
Some effective methods you can apply which can help you to start dreaming at a more conscious level are mentioned
on the '
Techniques' page.


The hypnogogic state can also be an aid in becoming (more) aware during sleep.
It is the state in between being awake and asleep. When entering this state your consciousness is already more open to
the other levels, and you may be able to experience extra sensory perception, also known as 'E.S.P.'

The hypnogogic state offers a very good tool in being able to consciously experience the shift in awareness as your body
goes to sleep.




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