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OBE's, continued


Valuable qualities of Conscious Projections



  • You become aware that you are more than this physical person, in this physical life.


  • You can extend your boundaries because you are aware of this;

       "The Sky is Not the limit"; Life consists of so much more,

       and you are a part of this.


  • You come to realise that life continues after 'death'.
       That outside of this temporary physical life everything is full of life;

       Along with this comes the knowledge that family and

       friends who have passed away live on.


  • You learn about yourself, within this larger scheme of things;       

       You have the opportunity to acquire insights in why you are

       the way you are, and in which ways (within this life-time)

       you wish to grow (your 'existential program').


  • You come to the realisation that people/things are connected with each other,
       and in which way they are connected;

       You get a better realisation of your connection with 

       everything (a realisation of oneness), as well as the value

       you therefore have and can offer to others.


  • Your awareness increases of the relative nature of things;

       So too the relativity of time, upto the point when you come

       to realise that in fact time does not exist - that everything

       is time-less.


  • Your awareness of your energies increases;

       This can be used to become more balanced, physically but

       also mentally/emotionally. And it it also has other valuable

       aspects to offer.


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