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OF                                                    C O N S C I O U S N E S S


There are different degrees of consciousness.

You could compare it with the range of different colours which exist, from black to white, with every colour you can think of in between;

In this every colour represents a certain degree (level) of consciousness, whereby black can be compared to unconsciousness and white to full consciousness.


This degree in consciousness can also be expressed in percentages. Then 0% - logically – is the unconscious level.


At this physical level everyone is to some extent subject to a restriction with respect to his/her level of consciousness.

If you express the highest level of consciousness someone has here on earth in percentages then this can be set at under 100%, considering the limitation in consciousness-level most of us have here, at this physical level. For most of us a higher degree of consciousness usually is not within reach at this physical level.

That is to say … not yet.


First and foremost we place our 'focus' on this physical level. And because of this we in fact 'see' only a part of the whole.

We focus on the physical, the tangible. We rely on what we experience with our physical senses.

This does not mean that there isn't more besides what we focus on here.

And this also doesn't mean that our 'focus' can not be extended (broadened), so that we can become aware of more.


This broadening of focus goes hand in hand with a heightening in awareness of matters at this physical level, and can also lead to an awareness of other levels.


Our level of consciousness rises; this applies to each of us individually and to human-kind on the whole.







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