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Spec's - the Vibrational State


Describing projection phenomina

> The Vibrational State





What is it? What does it offer?


I have noticed that not many people mention vibrations in their accounts of OBE's, and techniques they use. I am surprised by this, because I know that the vibrational state is such an important tool to be able to use. But I also found that not many books or sites mention this technique either, so this is probably why so many people who are learning about OBE's and associated subjects simply don't know about this technique/state. This is a real shame. The value of learning to recognize, and how to bring about, the vibrational state should not be underestimated.


Because so many people are not aware what this vibrational-state is about, and how it can help your spiritual growth, they may experience it, but not recognize it. It is a state which occurs naturaly, during sleep. And because they don't know how to consciously bring about this state, they will not benefit as much from it as if they did know how to apply it. Although you don't always experience these vibrations when you go out of body, it does happen. Also because of this it is a good thing if you can recognize the "symptoms". If you don't, then what you feel/hear may frighten you, even though it is nothing to be frightened of.



I compare vibrations to the following: You probably also have had the feeling of shivers running down your back when you hear a beautiful melody/tune. These shivers are energies moving inside you and this movement is brought about by the fact that you are in some way touched by what you hear. The sounds trigger a certain response within you, that of shivers running down your spine (or maybe at the back of your neck, or along your arms). It is a response to something which touches you emotionally. This is how vibrations feel.


When you ‘do’ the vibrational state, you bring about this movement of energies by working with the energy in a way I have described underneith (through the absorbtion and/or exteriorization methods which are part of the vibrational state-technique).

By creating movement of energies the energy within your body (your energy-body) starts to loosen, and, in due time, to "vibrate".  As the energy inside you moves more and faster, the vibrations become more clear. These vibrations can start at different points of your body (your feet, your head, etc...). Chakra's (energy-centers) have a part to play in this. The vibrations can start occurring at a certain chakra in your body, or may perhaps start occurring in a more dispersed fashion, and the energy starts building up and starts to stream throughout your whole body.


So the Vibrational State comprises of internal vibrations, often experienced during the first 'phase'of an O.B.E. 

All in all, various phenominae form a part of, and can be experienced during, this state;  such as a feeling of numbness and catalepsy (i.e., sleep paralysis), as well as hearing certain sounds (for instance a kind of 'swoosh' sound, buzzing, humming, an electrical current type sound).


When I practice this state, the way the vibrations start and build-up can be different each time. It obviously also helps if you get more experienced with it and get more control.

You may have heard of the term "Kundalini". This is also a vibrations-experience, but a very strong one. It concerns the energy stream that flows from the root-chakra along the centre of the back to the crown-chakra.


Whichever other techniques you decide to work with, practicing the vibrational state is, as I have experienced and have also read, a major and basic technique and one which is very worthwhile to invest time and effort in. When I started practicing the techniques I at first I thought that I couldn't master this technique. Nothing seemed to happen. As hard as I tried, I didn't feel any energies "flowing" through my body at all and thought that I just didn't have it in me to be able to do this. Nevertheless, I kept doing this technique, and as some time had gone by I started noticing that there was a difference in (my awareness of) my energies. I noticed this because when I would hear certain music, see some part of a certain movie, or experience something else which "touched" me (emotionally), I clearly felt vibrations going through my body, if only for a second. I had to conclude that this was because I had been practicing the vibrational state for a while. I was very pleasantly surprised; for me it was proof that the vibrational state certainly did have an effect, even though I had been feeling that doing it was no use. I could clearly feel that my energies had become more "loose", more present. My energetic body reacted more to certain stimulants (to certain feelings brought about by a beautiful song, an emotional part of a movie, and other such experiences). So, it definitely DID have an effect.
Shortly after having first started doing the vibrational state exercises I began to clearly experience the actual Vibrational State, also leading upto conscious out of body experiences.

Practicing the Vibrational State ... see next page;

The Vibrational State, Cont'd ->


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